Demon Crawl

An image from during development – there was mana back then!

So one day Overman got bored and decided to make a 7DRL. (Don’t worry, he’ll still be participating in March’s challenge!)


  • Unique style where you move through tunnels between hexagonal tiles
  • 27 randomly-generated levels
  • Almost 40 different enemies, including 3 bosses!
  • Shops, casinos, banks
  • Various status effects
  • Destructible and shifting terrain, along with lava and traps
  • Possibly more…?

Controls: Left+right click

Download:  Here

Devlog: Here

Mysterious Space post-7DRL updates

I’ve been working on my entry – Mysterious Space – ever since the end of the 7DRL challenge. I realized late into the challenge that I missed out on an important rogue-like feature: exploration! So the first thing I did was entirely redo how levels are generated, making them larger, and allowing the player free movement.

I’ve made a lot of other changes as well, and am continuing to update, posting newer versions at

Golden Krone Hotel: update and postmortem

A few notes on Golden Krone Hotel:

I’ve written a postmortem. I was happy with the overall product, but I made some big mistakes too.

I’ve released v1.2. It addresses several common complaints:

  • Support for smaller window sizes: 980×530 and 800×360
  • Green Man strength capped. No more 300 damage hits! :)
  • Potions can be described in the potion menu.
  • Potions are no longer shuffled (I had a good reason to do this to start, but I don’t think it’s worth the hassle)

If you’ve been putting off playing because of resolution or some annoyances with the game, now would be a good time to try it out. It’ll probably be the last update I make.

I also want to mention a couple Let’s Plays. Game Hunter did a good job covering GKH:

And if you’re not bothered by profanity, this is a really fun romp through the tower: