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Damigella d’ onore tendenze vestito ragazza per la primavera 2014 – tonalità di blu

Marine è un grande trend di questa stagione in pista per abiti da damigella d’epoca. Questa tonalità più scura è un elegante alternativa al tradizionale abito nero e un colore delle damigelle d’onore sarà in grado di indossare di nuovo. Questi abiti sono una scelta perfetta per un affare sera o matrimonio in autunno / inverno.

Elegante e semplice, “perfettamente pratico da indossare di nuovo,” damigella d’onore della marina modelli di abbigliamento blu illuminato la pista per la moda festa di matrimonio per la primavera del 2014. Mentre la maggior parte stilisti capiscono che i loro vestiti Unico sono spesso disponibili per l’acquisto in una varietà di colori, per gestire meglio il modello di colori di nozze desiderate la sposa, la decisione di stilisti per impostare un valore se molti dei loro disegni in blu navy ombra questa primavera sarà sicuramente fissato uno standard per molti matrimoni.

Prima di decidere su un abiti damigelle adulte online d’onore tendenze nella primavera 2014, è importante scegliere lo stile del vestito che è meglio per il vostro partito di nozze. Non solo è importante prendere in considerazione le tipologie di corpi delle vostre damigelle d’onore, ma è importante prendere il tema ed i colori del vostro matrimonio in considerazione pure.
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7DRL 2015 reviews now live!

128 games were created in this year’s Seven Day Roguelike Challenge, and through the effort of a large and dedicated team of reviewers they have now also been thoroughly reviewed and appraised! You can find the reviews here:

Games were awarded a score of 1-3 in categories of Completeness, Aesthetics, Fun, Innovation, Scope and Roguelikeness. Most games got at least 2 reviews, and the top 50+ games got 3 reviews each.

Note that the process isn’t perfect, and is not used to select a “winner”, but more helps separate the top and bottom half of the field whilst giving useful feedback to the developers. If a game got a score of 2 or higher than it’s likely well worth your time to go play it!

To the West – 1.0.1 – Graphical fixes and a Windows build

I’ve made a quick update to To the West, just to make building easier and fix a couple of colors. I also made a working Windows build! Sorry for taking so long with that, I must’ve hit my head at the end of 7drl and mysteriously lost all my knowledge of coss-platform development or something.


Here’s the build:!5843gJiK!Ntlg2QG1rkwxOV6DZNFZaiKuOuIzW_MsHCnttoQ-Y-k

Here’s the source:

High Tech Survival spoilers/guide

Players these days… Uh…

0. General instructions.
Machines can be interacted by bumping into them.
Power cables can be ‘b’uilt. Enable ‘p’ower overlay mode to see cables.
If many cables/walls/pipes are to be built, use ‘B’atch build mode.
Use ‘c’onfigure to change cables and pipes connections.
If you want ‘easy mode’, restart till you get forest.
Forest means that there is oxygen and temperature is moderate.
In case of cold/hot planet do not forget to ‘c’lose doors when you leave the ship.
Be sure to use functions of the suite to keep you alive outdoors.
Use internal air in case of low/no oxygen and use thermocontrol in case of cold/hot environment.
Use scanner to detect ores direction.
Don’t forget to refill air and recharge suite’s battery when you return to ship.

1. There are shelves with iron and copper chunks in room with machines.
Spend iron carefully to make sure that you make at least drill and smelter.
Ideally you need item servo and crate. But there is item servo behind fuel feed and a box in the bedroom.
It can be used the same way as crate.
2. There are food and water in the ‘fridge’. Room in front of the bedroom.
In current version there is no inventory limit, so it’s better to pick it all.
3. As mentioned in 1. there is a box in the bedroom. There are tools in the box.
Use axe to chop down trees that are in the way and pickaxe to mine stones. Watch for fatigue.
Also you can dismantle one bed and carry it with you to rest.
Fatigue increases when you build. If you are too fatigued, you wob’t
4. Everything can be ‘d’ismantled. As well as batteries in a room next to reactor. But be careful with power connections.
If you disconnect air regenerator, you might die of suffocation.
5. To mine ore place a miner on an ore patch. Place an item servo next to the miner. And a crate or a box next to the item servo.
‘c’onfigure the item servo to pull items from the miner and push to the crate/box.
Connect the item servo and the miner to the power (‘b’uild a battery and a power cable to connect).
Bump into the miner and the servo to turn them on. This should start mining.
Crate with or can be ‘d’ismantled without loosing contents.
Use smelting in a similar way (crate -> servo -> smelter -> servo -> crate).
6. By bumping into ship’s console you will what you need to do to repair the ship.
You can calculate how much ores required to avoid mining more then needed.
Watch recipes in the ‘l’ist.

p.s. HTS can be downloaded here:—high-tech-survival