LORD RL – working title

Getting ready to embark on my 5th failed attempt first successful attempt at completing a 7DRL.

Planning on doing a homage to Seth Able Robinson’s LORD.

I’ll be implementing it as a browser based game using jConsole on the front end with C# on the server for all the heavy lifting.

I’ll probably also use the 2D library I’ve been writing.

5 thoughts on “LORD RL – working title”

  1. Hmm, wasn’t there a rogue-ish version of LORD on some BBS’s way back when? I think it was called LORD II, or maybe Legend of the Green Dragon? I remember it played much like a roguelike, in terms of having a top-down view and ASCII art…

  2. @Ed yeah except it was realtime multiplayer. The character set and mechanics weren’t very RLish either. Was still a fun game. Had a scripting language for making addons and came with a map editor.

    @Nathaniel library is still quite primitive but already I can do quite a lot with it with very little code πŸ™‚

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