90 Hours

I have just calculated the amount of time I will be able to spend on the roguelike for this coming week, and it comes out to be 90 hours.

Start: 168 Hours
Assume 4 hours of sleep except for March 5th. (-24 Hours)
Assume 8 hours of school for 5 of the days. (-40 Hours)
Assume 2 hours of Misc. Free Time. (-14 Hours)

Leaving me with exactly 90 hours for this roguelike. I have a general schedule layed out for Day 1, which will be the longest session running for 22 hours, and then after that the amount of times will be much shorter, but not necessarily less productive.

I really am excited about this and I have decided on my roguelike idea. I always liked the idea of exploration, and mine will end up being a very “open field” type of roguelike. Large rolling plains, big deserts, forests, you name it, vast expanses of fields to explore. With that comes lots of neat little weapons and spells. Each can upgrade and build beyond its initial state, but takes time to become succumbed to the user that has wielded the weapon. Dice rolls and generated stats will be a big part of how difficult the game will be for each user. Some will clear areas and find all the right materials, while others may be stuck in harsh deadly conditions with almost no luck! In the final quest to defeat the Lord of Tropicass, you will have to be prepared for anything and everything in your trips, for getting to his castle and past his minions is one thing, but having every kind of skill to use against the Lord will be vital to success. He is known for controlling the nature of winds and skies and requires you to think on your feet to use the right skills to defeat him!

That is the abstract story so far…More to come. Tile-based, generators, stats, enemies, it is all going to be fun to build! I am planning to do a livestream to record and narrate and keep myself slightly sane during the times I do work, just a day more!

Still deciding whether to try for graphics, or classic ASCII…

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  1. Great! 🙂 You put me to shame: I plan to spend maybe three hours on my roguelike per day for a total of 3 * 6 = 18 hours (since I want to leave at least one day for balancing and polishing the game).

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