Devil *MIGHT* Laugh

The Apocalypse came and the world has ended with all the plagues and Riders and fire and trumpets and JUDGMENT. You – a filthy non-believer have been sent to HELL, your soul’s been condemned and cursed for all ETERNITY, your body erased out of EXISTENCE.

You have been burned, tortured, strangled, boiled, tormented and tossed around for a long, long TIME. but..

Now the eternity has passed and you’ve had it – and decided to LEAVE this place once and forever. You just need an opportunity…

Devil Might Laugh will be a simple roguelike in which player controls one sinful soul on its way out of hell, while recovering it’s human features.


This is my first attempt to actually write a full roguelike, not without much uncertainty( as the time chosen turned out to be one busy week ) to the outcome. The writing is going to be C++ using new curses library(and maybe pdcurses for windows but it’s fully optional since I only worked on linux ) and is going to be a totally new experience( monster classes, FOV calculation etc. – one heck of learning involved ). The features I am going to include are:

  • gaining mortality throughout the game – starting as an immortal soul and ending as fully tangible and killable human
  • soul and health points system with soul points serving as damage taker AND experience and health gaining importance while going up
  • ability to sacrifice part of players soul to free other prisoners of hell to fight with him/her.
  • easy one-slot item system of weapons( pitch-forks, scythes, whips and other devilish tools to inflict pain and injury ) and MAYBE some kind of healing/spirit strengthening similar to ‘Diablo’ shrines.


I really don know if I am actually capable of ending my work in 7 days( without ditching school, ceasing to sleep and starting drinking coffee ), but I finally decided to give it a try. Hell, is there a better way to learn writing games than to write games?!

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