Almost Time…

I am merely 45 minutes away from hitting midnight of March 5th in my time zone and beginning work on my 7DRL! I have finally given it a name, “Free-Like“. Maybe not the best name, but I think it will work.

I have come to two realizations of flaws that will be in my game when I do create this. Because I am developing using devkitpro and am writing this natively for the Nintendo DS, I have no choice but to accept these limitations and move beyond.

First: Saving will be an issue. Now I realize that with a Nintendo DS homebrew cartridge, this issue is immediately eliminated because it can use the native FAT file system to save and load files. However, the game has no access to files found on the actual hard drive of the computer it is being emulated on. However, there is a way to play the game and continue later, save states. All Nintendo DS emulators support it, and since I assume this is how most will end up playing my rogue-like if they so choose to, the save state feature will work just fine for virtual saving. Character dumping would have to be written on paper though for posting as again, there’s no way to write the file.

Second: Sprites. When using PALib, I will run into the issue of 128 sprites being the maximum number of sprites on-screen at once. This means I have to change my random generation map process just a little. The tiles that will be most dominant on-screen will be just background tiles and then the actual items and enemies that move dynamically on-screen will move. I will be going with 16×16 sprites. (Yes, I decided to use graphics that are public domain. May try 24×24 if I find that the sprites are too small, which I have that feeling going through me now.) Anyways, this limitation for PALib can again be overcome with some clever coding, however if I go up to a 32×32 sprite size, which is extremely large on the DS, I can actually avoid this limitation completely. This is because there would be 8×6 playing field of tiles (DS has a resolution of 256×192) which means I can have 48 field tiles + up to 48 occupied tiles, and still have enough sprite space for every interface option too. Although I may make the interface a background also. So many possibilities for which way to go with the sprites! Actually, the 32×32 is sounding tempting.

Anyways, best of luck to me, I will be starting very soon. I will do a livestream, as I promised to do which will be hosted at when I go live. May start it a few minutes before it actually hits midnight, just as a countdown. Much to get done, and it will definitely be a challenge!

Also…A little goodie for Windows Users:

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