I’m In!

Been meaning to give 7DRL a go for a while now and this time I’m not letting it pass me by!

anyhoo, been going about 3hrs now and I’ve got a nice script to build me a mesh from level data handed to it, right now the level data itself isnt generated in any clever way (its little more than scribbles really) and the texture sheet needs… well, proper textures. but this is a good start I think!

Oh, I’m using Unity to put my game together in case anyone is curious.

5 thoughts on “I’m In!”

  1. That looks really cool right now. My mind immediately went “ooh roguelike!”

    I have a mesh-generating algorithm for a 3d roguelike of my own, but it had a massive slowdown when creating a lot of triangles, did you find the same?

  2. Well theres a little split second jump when I build the mesh, but nothing significant, you are creating all your triangles/verts etc first before applying them to the mesh right?

    I think if you try and work right on a ‘mesh’ triangle by triangle it means slow talks between the cpu and the gpu… at least in unity, I may be wrong though.

    anyway, if you have super large maps though, just do it the minecraft way, have say 16×16 (or bigger, probably bigger since I’ve done 16^3 with no slowdown) chunks of cubes, and do a bunch of chunks one frame, another bunch the next frame etc, until all chunks are built, then you can build and destroy chunks as the layer walks/looks around. no point building/rendering an entire ma if the player can’t see it all 🙂

  3. Yeah, I build the mesh completely in code before assigning the arrays to the mesh. I split the area up into cubes but still quite a slow down. It must just be pushing all that data to the graphics card slowing it down.

    Either way, it’s fun to experiment. Good luck with the 7drl! 😀

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