So… What’s a roguelike?

Since I spent most of my first day on UI (even if my game sucks, the UI will be Grand 🙂 ), I can still change my game-idea. So what is the actual definition of being a roguelike? Does it need to be all random and procedural? Does it need to be turn-based? Does it need to have permadeath, or death at all? Does it need to be a crawler/explorer type of game? Wikipedia has some “guidelines”, but nothing concrete.

The reason I ask this, is that my current game-idea has none of the above. But it’s about a character walking around in 2D in ASCII. Does that count, at least?

If not, I’m just going to have to come up with something else with a cool UI 😛

4 thoughts on “So… What’s a roguelike?”

  1. As far as I’ve seen, the rules aren’t really strict. There’s tons of them that do relatively unusual stuff. A UI is completely fine. Randomly generated levels is pretty much essential. Can’t think of much more. Don’t constrict yourself, though. Good luck, and have fun.

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