End of Day #1

Phew, all day scribbling. I’ve done pretty much of the map structure along with terrain, items and characters display. I almost finished the structure handling messages, got the basic structure of actor to be the base of player, monster and ally classes. Made a simple ChAoS PlAnE – like map generator and started writing the room-type one (without connections yet ). There are some early screenshots:



The ‘A’s are some generic monsters( it reminds me of the arachno-caves in doomrl though ). There aren’t any items or special features, but it’s the matter of adding one line in the generator and some int id’s. As this is to be hell there should be some boiling oil, lava, peeled skin trophies, cheesecake posters and other heart-warming artifacts. Also expect climatic weapons like scourges, scythes, chainsaws and spiked dildos( this is my happy invention I’m especially proud of ).  If there will be time, I’d like to give the player ability to ‘l’ook around for some funny, randomized descriptions ( like seeing some famous people in the oil baths, inscriptions on walls and ) and for monsters to be able to speak.

Doubt if tomorrow I will be able to do something more than writing a couple of lines. I’ve got to make the player class, handle the movement and in-game turns, modify the display by adding FOV, write the monster class and start thinking about AI – rather pretty straight forward seek and destroy on sight. If anyone knows a good way of generating a cave map like ones in doomrl or adom, let me know in comments.

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