Free-Like Continues!

After another 7 hours of work on Free-Like (Totaling 16 work hours so far) I now have some more to show for it!

I am glad I finally switched back to ASCII. Not only that, but the DS will accept custom-made 8×8 pixel fonts to be used on its console. So, I have taken advantage of that!

Also, dungeon generator is finished along with the beginnings of the enemy engine! Little fireheads run around randomly wherever there are not walls or objects and are happy to be alive thanks to me. I just spawned 100 of them randomly throughout the map!

Playing around with the fonts.
Came up with a nice wall color scheme.
Say Hello to the Fireheads, one of the enemies to be used for this game!

I will see if I can get a very generic combat system in tonight and if so, will start working on inventory!

You can stay informed by viewing my live streams at or viewing my past video streams at!

Dungeon generation uses my own algorithm. First I choose points in the room to create sub-rooms. Then I have arguments for max and minimum sizes for these rooms, which are then boxed in. Next I do a pathing algorithm to explore and chop out the walls to get from one room to another. Each room connects to at least one other room. I am going to be posting source code just in case people want to take a look at it. Maybe it will help others, maybe they can suggest things to me. Also good to have backups of working copies!  Be warned, I code hectically and thus my work may not make sense to most. 😛

My 7DRL elapsed time counter says that 13% of our time is up! Anyone feel they’re 13% complete yet? I think I’m maybe 10%…

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