Legend of the Cheese Golem

A homage to Seth Able Robinson’s Legend of the Red Dragon

The village is renowned throughout the lands for its high quality cheese, sourced from its legendary cheese mines. However the mines are necessarily far from the village, the dense forest between the village and the mines being overrun with all manner of dangerous creatures. Due to the hazards of transporting the cheese back to the village the local sorcerer fashioned a huge golem out of (what else) cheese to help protect the cheese wagon during its trips to and from the mines. Unfortunately something went wrong and the golem turned on the villagers. It now mindlessly guards the cheese mines and the supply has almost dried up… someone has to do something, and that someone is you.

Github repo

Using NrknLib and jConsole.

Screen (still using world generation from the NrknLib demo, custom world generation TBD tonight):

an @ standing in a forest by a river


3 thoughts on “Legend of the Cheese Golem”

  1. That is such a weird, and cool, idea. 😉 As long as the game lets you eat blue cheese, I’ll be happy. (Yeah, I am one of those few people who actually likes the delicious stuff…)

  2. With the cheese mines out of action, it’s likely that cheese will be much too valuable for the player to actually eat any. Better get practising your golem slaying skills 🙂

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