Progress update : Gourmancer, Day One

Hopefully I’m posting this correctly, it’s my first time using WordPress.

Worked a few hours, but I’m a bit tired and sleepy, sorry for the sloppy post. Got all the items and monsters in, got procedural map generation working (but it oddly screws up whenever I try to take a screenshot D: ).

Plans for tomorrow are spicing up the dungeon generator (it currently looks like a very bland Nethack floor), getting the interface up and maybe putting basic interactions in. Hopefully I’ll have enough time. 🙂

Good night and good coding everyone.

1 thought on “Progress update : Gourmancer, Day One”

  1. As for my end of the work, I wrote up the laundry list of recipes that will be in the game, and, time permitting, flavor text for each one will be coming up shortly. Fruit Pie is doing most of the heavy work, so I at least want something worth reading and, with all hope, funny (it’s hard to take this concept in a grimdark serious manner, after all).

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