Stygia: a 7+DRL

Historically, I’ve always had problems finishing coding Roguelikes, so this year, I’m going to take a different approach: I’m going to dust off some code that I’ve had lying about since last year and try to produce a playable game out of it. The result will be Stygia, a trad-style roguelike coded using C# and libtcod.NET.

You can follow its progress on the main devblog at: I’ll be continuing development after the 7 days is up, although if I finish a playable version, the 7DRL version will of course always remain standing on its own as a unique entity.

The basic story of the game is as follows:

The sun has went out, and you and your people are forced to seek refuge deeper in the earth. But the cold keeps forcing you deeper and deeper, and your only hope is to find a gate to the fabled Plane of Elemental Fire.

What does this mean? Well, there will be ten levels, iron-man style, and dynamic dungeon levels that get tougher the longer you remain on each level. There will be no XP, instead you gain a level each time you go down stairs. There will be a final boss, and if I can get time to implement them, NPCs & NPC factions.

I’d like to wish my fellow 7DRL developers good luck and happy coding!

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