Day 2: Aimless wandering

I really should think of a name for this effort, to help keep the blog comprehensible. Got about 3 or 4 hours in tonight, mostly setting up housekeeping for mobs moving round the level and stopping to look up the C# syntax for really basic stuff (I’m used to C++). All I’ve achieved today is a sphere moving around the map, but at least there’s some groundwork in place. I’ve gone for a hybrid approach to time – it’s still turn-based, but each turn plays out over 0.2 seconds of real time. This keeps things fairly smooth and should make AI movement a lot easier to read…once I have some!

Was hoping to get the fog of war/ line of sight stuff set up tonight, but no time. While Unity does the heavy lifting on the 3D engine, it leaves me with less control than I’d like – for example, the light shining through walls is probably not going to get fixed this week.

4 thoughts on “Day 2: Aimless wandering”

  1. Shadows would work, but it’s a really expensive solution. Cheaper to skip lighting occluded tiles at all, but I’m not sure if Unity allows that level of control. Even if it does, it won’t get done this week 🙂

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