Day 2: Free-Like

End of Day 2 of Free-Like. Unfortunately, I had no chance to work on it today due to other important business. Well, that’s a lie, I managed to get 2 hours of work into it today and made this:

Combat system, hooray! Health regenerates over time for enemies and player, enemies chase you when attacked or startled. (You get close to them OR are close to their level or easy to defeat) Made it so you can hold down the pad keys to move around instead of just hitting the pad over and over and over and over…You get how painful that can be.

I will get inventory and some selection/action menus done tomorrow(hopefully), will be fun! I guess 7DRL really is about adapting your time to your game, not your game to your time. Haha, already feeling the stress boiling inside of me, but I can do it, no turning back now!

Here’s the source, as promised upon each update:

Stay Posted: & (When Live)

Tomorrow begins school, so I am expected to not be working on this until late afternoon until each night.

Countdown says 30.5% of our Rogue-Likes should be done by now. Eek! I get scared every time that number jumps up by 0.1% Maybe I shouldn’t run my countdown anymore, just eats at me even more ahhh!

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