End of Day 1

Almost 26 hours in, have a basic dungeon generation algorithm (to be improved) and temporary rendering with the avatar able to move around. The light goes through walls but I will use a different rendering anyway so it’s not something to worry about at the moment. 142 hours left, but first some sleep.

Day 1

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7 thoughts on “End of Day 1”

  1. Argh! I am very concerned you are using ijkl for movement.

    Please consider vi-keys. If you want an inverted t-pad, use the left hand wasd as well as vi-keys.

    Yes, vi-keys aren’t that intuitive, but at least they are standard. And as a bonus you keep i free for inventory.

  2. Personally I dislike the vi keys, and ijkl is just as bad. If there’s no numpad support or directional key support.. which is strange nowadays, I prefer wasd. Either way I commend you for clearly dictating on-screen what the controls are. It’s a neat idea which makes figuring things out pretty simple… even if it feels weird.

  3. Thanks for the early feedback! The controls are temporary and are going to change quite a bit anyway but I’ll try to take these comments into account in any case.

  4. I do agree about the look, very nice and clean!

    I don’t blame people for disliking vi-keys. My big plea is just not to make any almost-vi key layouts. And to seriously consider including vi-keys even if you don’t use them or like them, because it is relatively unlikely you actually need that many keys anyways.

    Do remember number pads aren’t on laptops! Even if they have embedded number pads, you then lose the keys on top and can’t type anywhere else (like in a separate text document to make notes on the game)

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