Glyph: Day One

In Glyph, the player character is a magician who knows the magical secrets of many alphabets. Glyphs from these alphabets are combined into runes, which must be inscribed, engraved, painted, etc. onto an object. You don’t know how to throw around lightning bolts, but if you use your runes cleverly, you may succeed regardless.

I’m creating Glyph as my first roguelike (and my first game for that matter). Last 7DRL, my computer broke down on the second day, before I’d actually started any serious coding. This time around, I decided to at least get further than that:

As can be seen, I started from SimpleRL, though it bears little resemblance to it now. Some of this work took place somewhat before the 7DRL. I spent about 5 hours over a few days trying to familiarize myself with Java. When I realized that I was getting too much done, I shelved further work until the 7DRL’s start.

As of right now, a lot of the “guts” are workable. There’s a priority queue and map generation (from an ASCII map, with glyph-based substitution in a switch statement). Monster and locational code exist, but have stubs that must be filled in before long (e.g., no collision detection, AI, or combat right now). The UI is not great, but not terrible, either.

I am quite surprised with how far I’ve gotten in the first day! Hopefully I’ll have time for further updates.

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  1. Probably not. I’m going to be going for a game that is very heavy on story, which means it won’t have much replayability. Maybe I can compartmentalize the first level from the rest, or make a tutorial, though.

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