Call for compatibility testing

It seems a couple of people I have demonstrated my WIP WebGL-based 7drl have had trouble running later versions of it, so I decided to ask you guys to see if it works for you. The game is played inside a web browser and requires WebGL support (but not any plugins), so you need a rather new browser (e.g. Google Chrome 10 or recent beta of Firefox 4 – IE won’t work). Also, your graphics card needs to be at least OpenGL 2 capable (with decent drivers) for WebGL to work.

If all goes well, you should see a dungeon where you can walk around with arrow/WASD keys. On the other hand, if there is any error pop-ups or just a blank page or something, something has gone wrong. There could also be errors in the JavaScript console (accessible in Chrome by Ctrl+Shift+J). In addition to error messages, I’d like to know what is your web browser brand and version as well as graphics card and driver.

Access game here

EDIT: Check out WebGL Wiki for browser support help & notes.

16 thoughts on “Call for compatibility testing”

  1. It didn’t work for me on Firefox 4.0 RC 1, Windows 7 x64, Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS, driver version 266.58.

    When I visit the page a dialog appears with the following text:

    “Could not initialize shaders!
    Could not pack varying _vTextureCoord”

    In the Error Console, an error message appears:
    “attempt to run compile-and-go script on a cleared scope”

    After I click OK on the dialog, a warning message repeats forever in the Error Console:
    “WebGL: vertexAttributePointer: index -1 is invalid. That propbably comes from a getAttribLocation() call, where this return value -1 means that the passed name didn’t correspond to an active attribute in the specified program.”

    The warning message source is, lines 242, 245, 248 and 251.

  2. By the way, the letters representing other monsters can be pretty hard to see when they’re in the darkness two or three cells away from the character—if would be good if you could somehow make them stick out more. 🙂

  3. @Matt Thanks for the detailed report, I’ll look into it.

    @Tom Larsen WebGL is not supposed to work in FF3.6. Also, I’ve just added the monsters, so tweaking is still ahead of me, but I think the idea here is that the monsters are supposed to be lurking in the shadows, so the lighting is an actual gameplay feature, not just a pretty effect.

    @ratking I guess some browser shortcuts interfere with the JavaScript keyboard handler. Maybe you should click on the canvas? Or perhaps you have some kind of type-ahead search enabled that prevents JavaScript from receiving keyboard events.

  4. It works in my main browser (Firefox 4 RC 1, Linux x86_64) as well as my secondary browser (Google Chrome 10.0.648.127, Linux x86_64). VGA NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT, proprietary driver 260.19.29.

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