Gourmancer: The Marvel of Modern Teamwork

This scandalous IM conversation reveals the dark troubled lack of sync between the coder and the designer of Gourmancer.

Fruit Pie: Monsters carry parts.
Fruit Pie: They drop parts on death.
Fruit Pie: You pick up parts.
Fruit Pie: They also carry a random seasoning 20% of the time.
Fruit Pie: Which might be too much.
Fantasy Heaven: oh snap
Fantasy Heaven: I thought they’d just be corpses and you extract ingredients based on technique
Fantasy Heaven: (or analyze to ruin the corpse but get lots of technique)
Fruit Pie: I thought you’d get the parts and could analyze THEM to get technique.
Fantasy Heaven: welp
Fantasy Heaven: game ruined, 7drl failed

(Also I’m pretty sure it’s almost to playable status or something.  I wouldn’t know, I just come up with stupid stuff then write the content for Pie to copy/paste.)

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