Pitman – second day over

OK – biggest news is that our @ is walking!

The second day wasn’t as productive as the first one, which was expected, because I had a pretty good plan what I wanted to do on Sunday, but only vague ideas after that. Nevertheless, since the first day I implemented the player character and the possibility to extent the dungeon. The player starts on one single card and adds cards on her/his way.

So far, the lessons I learned (if anyone’s interested):

  • DON’T use symmetric assets for testing code. You will realize errors in your dynamic mesh generation too late. (I used both: symmetric level maps and symmetric textures. Urgh.)
  • Be consistent with your coordinates. Sounds trivial, but when you’re doing 2D gameplay in a 3D world, those X/Z axes may get in your way.
  • I don’t like the Unity3D Inspector. It’s just bad that the same window is used for viewing assets data like textures and meshes AND objects in the scene hierarchy.
  • No clear vision and no plan = motivation goes down the hill.

Jana created two wonderful textures for our dungeons (see above). Some further informations on her progress can be found on our blog.

It also seems that we have a (perhaps temporary) name now: “Pitman”!

2 thoughts on “Pitman – second day over”

  1. Nice Textures Jana! 🙂 the floor textures could be darker, they almost match the wall ones, which confuse the eyes. They still look great.

    Make a todo list, and arrange the core tasks to the top: tasks that make the game playable. get those done first, regardless of what you feel like doing instead 🙂 there’s your vision and (basic) plan.

    I’m also bad at losing vision on occasion! ^^

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