The day #3 coming to an and

As for the last two, I’ve just improved and added some map-displaying features and basic monster features. Now the colors have been added, the monsters not only are generated but randomly roam the dungeon and if they happen to bump into each other they hurt them and in case of death leave corpse and some bloody mess around. Also if they die the get properly deleted and everything pointing to them gets nulled. Although it sounds easy, I had some hard time with segmentation errors and overflows while actually ‘deleting’. Oh, and I added a log-file creation during run for debugging, so I can see what happens when exactly. Here’s a screen with colors and a little glimpse of the code itself:

As you can see there is still no room or cave level generator, so I stick with the usable chaos one. I got the rooms to generate separately, but I still have to connect them( which is where new problem emerges ). The bible item in the definitions header – yes, it’s a weapon. Ever had a book fight at school? What if you had a book with a ‘holy wrath’ brand..? cheap humor, I know.

best regards, and keep working all of you participating!

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