Wordrogue Day 4

Accomplised! I have completed melee combat and dying! Death to all! Ahem…

– monsters get scared when they get hurt a lot, and run away!
– they even bash other monsters to death
– monsters leave corpses behind. i’m thinking bloody footprints…
– panicked beasts will swerve
– colored messages and more fixes
– player levels up, increases max hp

I only have 3-4 hours a day, and 3 days left!

still need:

– inventory, decals, special levels, plot characters and related naming.
– wishful: npc talk, bloody footsteps,

Commit message of the day:

changeset:   34:54e1e0a6efac
summary:     beasts leave corpses behind, you can walk over them! mwha ha ha.

Demo Preview Alert! I have made a video of the combat gameplay, I don’t consider this too much spoiler, as it doesn’t show any monsters I plan for the final 🙂

monkey out!

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