Wordrogue progress day 3

Running out of time for menial tasks, so Im cheating by cross-posting my last dev log entry here πŸ™‚

>> Mon Mar 7 22:06:23 UTC 2011

eyes burning need sleep. this run was short, we had a physical after work. Drained.

That said, beasts now notice the player when in view, and will follow the player around!
they’re stupid, and can’t find their way around corners yet (no path finding).

Also, walking into beasts initiates attack, and they can attack back, though there is
still no actual health loss (though those stats are present!) and no death yet. damn.

brain and eyes burning. ouchie.

this gif shows their movement, notice the green y got stock behind the corner. ooops.
watch it here

monkey out. -.-

Author: kbmonkey

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  1. Sounds like a typically 7DRL devlog… πŸ˜‰ Get some sleep, it does help. I’ve heard that potions of coffee and scrolls of slow time are useful.

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