Day 3 in the Oubliette

Very slow day today, not much done, movement is working right but some walls don’t show up where they should and are still not shaded (see screenshot.) I need to get this working quickly tomorrow so that I can add the fun game stuff and improve the dungeon generation. I have added a 2D view on top of the 3D view to verify the correctness of the display; this might come back at some point in the game: for instance, a potion could give an overview of the world, or something like that.

And I have a title and a theme: you are thrown into the Oubliette. And you need to get out.

EDIT: Also, note that the keys in the corner are buttons that you press on the ipad; I’m still not quite sure how to deal with key bindings for movement. The left/right arrows are for turning, but I may want to keep the Dungeon Master moveset.

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