Glyph: Day Five

A few hours ago marks the end of my 5th day of working on Glyph. Time flies when you’re having fun! Unfortunately, I am very much not having fun fighting uphill against Swing. I’ve (re-)implemented my graphics three times to no avail, and every moment has been a new lesson in agony.

However, fourth time’s apparently a charm:

Screenshot of Glyph at the end of day 5.

Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Unfortunately, I’ve spent so much time on the UI that I’ve fallen behind on making the game. I will probably have to sacrifice some gameplay features that I had planned on… we’ll see how much I can get done tonight, I guess.

I did write some in-game text last night when I got frustrated. I got up to 1600 words before I went to bed – about half of it is environmental text, and the other half is dialogue. Glyph is going to have a lot in common with text adventure games, and there will be a bunch of secrets in the game that will mostly just provide flavor/story rather than items.

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