SRL – DAY 4 Is Over!

Whew, it’s been a long couple of day but the fruits of the labour are finally here! In the form of a new video.

The last couple of days I ticked off the generative levels which was a really big one for me. Having never done a RL game before this was from scratch code to generate the levels. I have different room types (some with angled corners (which made it even more of a headache for object / door placement), corridors and many generic objects which you will be able to search through to get your loot.
Also got some bad guys to shoot!

What’s left on the to-do: well all the UI and looting for a start! Then time permitting a nice inventory, extra weapons, more enemy types, boss battle on the bridge? So many possibilities so little time 🙂

Video GO watch! (HD Available)

Author: quickfingers

Game developer from the UK. Recently turned full time indie after spending years working for the man!

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