Stygia: End of Day 3

Slow-going today (see my updates here), but here’s a pretty screenshot to keep your interest up, showing an independent lightsource, other than the @’s torch:

Tomorrow I hope to finish items/inventory handling*, and start work on creatures that you can kill and take their stuff!

*I’ve previously developed an algorithm (on paper) that can give each item a reasonably intelligible but randomly-generated fluff description such as:

This ruby-encrusted spear was formerly the prized weapon of JoeBloggs the Hero of Xyzzy. He used it mainly in the war 600 years ago against the Goblins of Zzyyyzzzy. He fell in battle against Bob the Goblin Chief and the weapon was subsequently lost. What it was doing in the hands of a common goblin you have no idea.

Hopefully I’ll get it coded and setup as part of the 7DRL!


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