The Intensity of Free-Like…

Free-Like, my roguelike I am developing is now reaching the end of its 4th day of development. I am rather pleased with it and would like to read to you a story of what happened to a friend…Who ventured into the dungeon. (Really just an advertising scheme, but try to follow me here ;))

I started exploring this vast dungeon when I suddenly am being chased by 4 Fiery Heads! I find a Red Potion and pick it up right before they trap me in…

I start hitting them, until two collapse, but my health is getting dangerously low now!

I head to my inventory and choose one of the Red Potions I have picked up…

Darn it! My clumsy hands make me drop one of the darn things…

But I am positive I can do it…I try it again and this time drink it! I feel so much better now!

With 20 health, I am ready to finish those suckers off!

I step aside after the heat of battle to find the red potion I dropped earlier…Sitting by my side.


I am happy to say that almost all of my game engines are nearing completion and I am glad for that! Though I am only creating one of each as an example to test with, the rest can fall in rather easily and work just fine! Only have three more days, and it’s getting better and better! Hope to have level connecting, equipping, and skills done next! I hope everybody else is having as much fun as I am creating these things, I sure am!

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Oh yeah, I learned how to use structures in C today. I am happy to say that I am now using them with the intention to make it much easier on myself in creating those lists!

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