Day 5: Free-Like

Free-Like continues, and I am glad to see that it is getting done! With two more days, I think I can pace myself appropriately. I have included some relevant screenshots of today’s work below:

A New Enemy called the Blood Hound! Also in the background there, a Guardian Hound!
As if consuming potions was not enough fun... Will fix.
Ahhh! No Perma-death yet! Will add also!
Level Up! Along with some armor on the ground! Snazzy.
They're in my inventory now. Selection box shows which item we're looking at, and the Equip option is readily available.

So as you can see, I worked on some pretty important stuff to give me a boost up in the amount of content there is! There are also 7 different potion types now! (With the attributes randomly distributed when each new game begins of course.) Tomorrow’s focus is on skills and effects, along with the equipping system. In the final hours of Friday, I am planning to spend it on making multiple worlds, the end-game goal, and hopefully the saving system! Yikes, saving system will take some work, not sure if I’m prepared for that, but it seems pretty simple, and since I understand structures now, may now be two times easier. (But can I define structures inside structures….Hmmm…) Only 2 more work days left for Free-Like! Good luck to everyone else, hope you like how mine’s coming along also!

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