Defender of the Deep – Day 5 (?!)

Just starting day 5 of work on my python + libtcod project based on the roguebasin tutorial. The game is essentially a genre-adhering role reversal of the standard dungeon crawl where you play as one of the denizens of the underworld travelling upwards to fight off the invaders who have infested your cozy little cave.

Range of spells, potions, weapons and armour are in, and I’ve got a rudimentary list of enemies which I’d like to expand on if I’ve got time. Next changes will be the inclusion of enemy leaders on each floor who drop a magical item on death which increases your stats in place of standard XP + level progression, and with that, hopefully I’ll manage to get a win condition into the game!

I’ve still got a lot of work to do to populate the game with content and put in some kind of system for gods, prayer and piety!

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