Pitman – after the fourth day

Steady progress … the player now has an inventory and can pick up / drop items. Equipping is possible, too, but it doesn’t have any effect right now. As soon as the textures for the items are done (they are flat because, as you surely remember, we wanted a board-game-like style) I will make them really usable.

Also, decorations are now in the level and some of them might be usable (fountains and chests), but this functionality also is only rudimentary until now.

I also spent some time on the interface. It’s minimalistic (and mostly a mockup right now) but took a great deal of time as the GUI-system is some of the worst parts of Unity.

Jana created much more screenshots and posted them on our blog!

So, for the fifth day I wanted to make the game a little bit more like a game – changing levels, usable skills, some magic, the option to restart after dying. I probably won’t implement saving/loading because it’s not that important – time will tell.

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