The final game starts to take shape!

Today I’ve managed to accomplish quite a bit and although there is still a lot of stuff to do, my 7drl starts to look like a game as there are now multiple levels and the possibility to win in addition to dying! The last level is/will be slightly special, but I don’t want to give out spoilers. šŸ™‚

Furthermore, there is a new item type, new enemies (very few in total though), and “doorway” environment pieces – i.e. passages that only have opening at the base, not all the way up, so you need to look for them a bit more carefully. You can see one on the right side of the pic below.

AI is still very stupid, but rats are now special in that they are afraid of player’s torch – they’ll lurk in the light perimiter waiting for your torch to die out, but won’t attack unless threatened.

The magenta cave in the image is similar to the doorways mentioned above, but special – it’s a portal that’s used for travelling to the next level. I first thought of a spiral staircase downwards or something, but couldn’t easily find nice textures and then it struck me – a cave with a weird color is easy to create and looks awesomely magical. šŸ™‚


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