Wordrogue day 6 updates

Hi everybody!

I’m enjoying reading all your updates πŸ˜€ Here are some of mine, keeping it short.

Standing on a p-corpse, who dropped a haiku for us to pick up. Im (@) next to the stairs leading up (>)

Monsters may drop items they stole from the Library of Knowledge, as you beat them into the ground. You can read items that have magical properties, giving you health, experience (xp) and attack/defense bonuses.

Browsing the books in the shelf. The higher we go, the more shelves we see. You can also see the Def +1 bonus here, which I got from a magic inventory item.

latest commits:
– balance item drops a bit more.
– factory to create books and things.
– reading items effect stats! πŸ˜€
– read inventory items, which become read items.
– we have inventory! press i to show it, monsters drop items, pick em up.

Balancing is a very tricky part of this! I’m learning so much, and am now very keen to write a full roguelike from my new skills ^^

Notes: I have 1 day left! Being a Friday I can work a little longer on Wordrogue. I need to double-time it: 4 hours to complete engine, logic, mechanics. 2 hours for spit and polish, lots of content I still need to include.

Not giving up just yet!

monkey out!

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