DirtBox PreAlpha (Day 5)


Okay, so this isn’t quite a 7DRL entry –

I grew up on roguelikes, ZAngband being a favorite – and I’ve always loved Adam Bolt’s tiles, yet felt they were never done justice. Despite loving to code and spending more time on the Half Life level editor than Half Life itself, I never had the discipline to learn C++ — and I knew better than to try doing anything serious in my languages of choice back then, VB6 and QBasic. Now, at the far more mature age of 23, I’m teaching myself as I go and doing what I always wanted to. I was inspired by a friend’s 7DRL entry, Eronarn’s Glyph, to see what I could accomplish in 7 days of work from knowing no C++ at all. I’d like to think I’m not doing too bad. My hope is that I can bring something new and fresh to roguelikes, being a graphic/UI design professional rather than a compsci type… but ultimately this is about making the roguelike kid-me always wanted to play.

I intend to carry this project on well beyond 7 days – but since 7DRL was what got me moving, I figured it relevant enough to share. The project is codenamed DirtBox, a play on Sandbox games. I probably won’t keep the name, but it’ll do for now.

3 thoughts on “DirtBox PreAlpha (Day 5)”

  1. I remember Bolt’s Tiles, they were my first graphical roguelike adventures!

    Oh and don’t feel bad, C++ isn’t for _everyone_, only if you’ve seen the light off madness or if comparable to a mad scientist 😀 — A good one of course!

  2. Oh I’m loving C++ – Hating it and pulling my hair out, but I want power, not ease… and in the end, I’m loving it. Love-hate.

    Immensely satisfying love-hate.

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