Free-Like – Day 6

No screenshots today, I decided to just post a progress update. Today I decided to focus on making multiple levels that connect to each other by ladders. Got that done within a few hours, and soon got items and enemies spawning at different levels and not interfering with each other on different floors! Excellent. Right now, all of the levels and items load at the beginning of the game, creating about a 5 second wait, but then it’s load-free from then on!

I tried to do equipping today, my original idea has failed me, but I still have a day to fix it up! However, the Bestiary for this game currently has: 18 Enemies, 7 Potion Types, 29 Armor Types, and plenty more to come tomorrow!

I guess now I have to do a ton of balancing. I only have enough content for 7 of the 15 planned levels so far, so something to work on. Will probably end up recycling sprites for the second half, we will see. I still have to add in the other equipment types, there are 6 and I only have one set done so far.

After I take care of equipping fixes and a larger Bestiary, I have some hopefuls that will comes if I have time:

-Skills / Spells (Otherwise, my MP and casting helper items are useless…)
-Saving / Loading (Not a big priority as people can save state on the emulators / sleep mode on the DS, so I’m not too worried at this point.)
-Restarting the Game on Loss (Again, not a huge priority, but would be annoying for DS players, as they have to hard reset the DS. This will require me to make sure I reset almost all variables though…Doesn’t sound very fun for the programmer!)
-Status Effects (Would be nice to have a few in there such as poisoning, teleporting, paralyzed, sleeping, confused, and maybe some secret ones.)
-FOV (I did not try to implement this early on, this is a very low priority now and nearly impossible without major redoing of code.)

I also never mentioned the idea for skills I had. I used to play Golden Sun, and I remember from the story that normal people couldn’t see “Psynergy” the adepts could cast. They would just see physical objects change due to the effects of Psynergy. I want a similar idea here. The skills are invisible until you either have learned them or recognize their visible effects. Whether you get hit with it enough times, or you find a learning scroll, you will be able to sense and see that skill type once one of those conditions occur. Would make for some interesting skill duels.

Well, I have about 9 good hours to finish up tomorrow, but I definitely will have a finished product, I don’t plan to be left behind! Wish me luck, and hopefully Free-Like proves to be interesting. Good luck to everyone else to make their deadlines!

Author: Joshua Sigona

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