Glyph: Day Six

First, an announcement: after sanitizing the codebase a bit (a lot), I’ve put Glyph up on Github! I am not a great coder, but I’ve tried to make the codebase as logically laid out as possible (it even has some comments!). Feel free to try it out if you want, though it’s quite bare on content and functionality right now.

Another announcement: it turns out that I miscounted how much time I had available! I started around 3:30 PM on Saturday, so this is only the close of day six for me. I still have almost 24 hours left to polish my roguelike.

Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a snag in that plan: my vacation in New York City starts today. I will almost certainly not have time to hit all the major features that I’d wanted to, never mind the minor ones.

However, I’ll keep working as much as I can until the deadline, whenever I can find a moment to do so. I’m actually typing this on the bus! My netbook is very tiny, which is why you’ll only get a screenshot that looks like this:

Screenshot of Glyph, with an idea of how small my current screen is!

Note the Pokemon style multilevel buildings! I’ve received positive feedback about the way they look in monochrome. I may well keep a simple color scheme and only use colors very rarely (e.g., for blood).

Also note the presence of items. These can actually be picked up and worn to provide effects in combat. In fact, there are only a few snags preventing a functional item system: choosing an item  (no good way to do this right now), removing items from inventory and equipment so as not to lose anything or end up with duplicates (some errors with this still), and updating the UI to account for changes (currently very iffy). I hope to get at least 2/3 of these working smoothly before the end of the deadline.

Because some people might find it interesting, here’s how I’ve actually spent my time over the week of the 7DRL, courtesy of RescueTime:

Time spent over the past weekSo 20-something hours in Eclipse (note that this is on my desktop, and that I use a standing desk!), maybe another hour of reading various Java documentation. On the other hand, I’ve only spent 8 hours chatting (hastur is the server where my IRSSI lives).Productivity over the week

If only I could keep that productivity line heading straight upwards! Ah well, maybe next year…

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