GnomeSquad: Day 4?

Well, I have a central quest (find the king), a winning condition (bring him back to the exit), and a losing condition (you died). One feature that I am enjoying a lot is “recruiting”. Instead of the King simply following you around once you find him, he actually becomes one of your units. (Also everyone hates escort missions right?)

You Lose



Oops... that's a bug! (death by King)
You win! I'm sure the king will reward you somehow.

The new turn-based game engine is finally working. It was a bit awkward at first but I added some “flashing square” notifiers that lets you know when an enemy is about to move and when they have hit you. It takes some time to get used to the idea of monsters having multiple “actions” per keypress. At the end of my turn that Troll is 4 steps away, at the end of HIS turn he is standing next to me giving me a beating.

My hope is that this allows some semi-deep tactical play. Or…. you know it could be utterly utterly horrible. But hey, isn’t that the point of a 7DRL? I will be interested to see if other people can get used to it as quickly as I did.

I think the game is on track for my deadline on Sunday. At least it will be playable! (although if you have a mac and would be willing to help test early let me know, I had problems with that last time.)

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