Gridfolk – not giving up!

jplur-gridfolk screenshot

Gridfolk is a multiplayer roguelike.

So, what can you do in its current state?  Not much:

  • Walk around, bump into walls, go down and up stairs.
  • Chat with other players


I’ve spent most the week on the code to stream the map and keep the clients updated with a proper view of the world.  The good news is that I’ll finally be able to implement game features, and that should be pretty easy compared to what I’ve coded so far.  The bad news is that I have 30 some hours left to come up with a game state.

What I’d like to imlement:

  • ability to dig/mine and rebuild terrain
  • Randomly generated monsters, getting harder the lower the level (They will spawn in walkable tiles, so as players dig out the world, it will populate.
  • combat


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