Pitman – only two days left

So, day 5 is over and there wasn’t as much progress as I wanted to. Even though my last goals “changing levels, usable skills, some magic, the option to restart after dying” (and the bonus goal “distance weapons”) are implemented, they all are only half-finished (with the exception of the dying). So this really is something for the polishing on the last day, as for the sixth day I want to make simple NPCs and quests possible and thus a winning situation. And being able to level the character would be nice, too.

Jana mostly unwrapped the creatures and created textures for several items.

If you want to try a current version please visit my Dropbox. You can control the camera with WASD, MouseWheel and RMB. To interact, use the left mouse button. Yes, the randomness right now really is painfully random – later there won’t be each type of enemy on the level, and they will have different stats. And yes, real, usable items aren’t in it, too.

[edit]Added link to Jana’s blog post.[/edit]

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