Vicious Orcs – With 50% more Band

I had a goal this year of making a “bigger” roguelike rather than the very focussed ones I had produced previously.  I think, however, I can now say I have a proper higher level goal: to try and make a *Band.

I’m of the Hack tradition so this is a bit of a departure for how I approach things.  It has helped me identify what I needed to add to flesh out the game, however.  Elemental resistances?  Check.  Out of control breeders?  Yep.  Auto-squelch?  Yep.  The most recent is to add a 15 item limit to address one of the common Band resource limits: bag space.  However, thanks to my persistent levels, you need not worry about which one’s you keep, merely which one’s you take from your stash.  Mind you, with the squelch, 15 items is hopefully plenty.  If not I guess I’ll have to just increase it :>

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