Day 5.5 has just ended

I have exactly 36 hours to finish and it doesn’t feel like it at all. What have I done so far?

I just coded my first FOV and it sucks works. I is somewhat buggy in that it can show you tiles you shouldn’t see, if they can be reached by going straight and diagonally in one directions. Yes, this is my quick octant based FOV, but I’ll stick to it now.

I got the display to be bearable.

Coded the weapon picking, dropping and swapping. It is now calculated in damage output of character. But you still can’t drop it on another item.

I also got the ‘enemy’ structure in place of the ‘actor’ basic one and have different monsters with different outfits and stats roaming the levels. They still are dummies with random movement and no AI whatsoever, but at least differ from those white ‘A’.

Got the damage calculations. There are three types of attacks: physical, soul and mixed. Basically the player will( I think) have a lot more soul points than hp, while the demonic guards the opposite.

I also got the advancement system in mind. The player starts out with a round 0 soul and hp points as a damned soul and gets soul points and hp with every new level entered. With the soul amount growth the character evolves on dead->alive path:

damned soul -> shadow -> ghost -> apparition -> wraith -> skeleton -> mummy -> ghoul -> zombie -> human

with first 4 being intangible, taking damage only from soul with no hp pool. they can not die, even when their soul drops to 0 again(they just keep reverting to earlier stages). The wraith stage is when it gets risky. Damage can be taken from both hp and soul, with hp-damage changing to soul damage when zero is reached. The character can die only when both pools are empty. All the undead are soul-damage immune, but can die from hp-loss(and i’m thinking about physical damage amplification for them, or max-hp damage). Finally the human form can be killed by loss of either one of them.

A screenshot, with a little piece of code and some rubish( it’s 1:30 at night and i don’t bother with cutting it ):

Things to do:

  • enemy AI
  • some random stuff on map for the hellish feel
  • message display working properly( it eats some messages, apparently the first one on the list ) and link it to events
  • main menu
  • maybe highscores( just the matter of copying it from my other stuff )

time for it: one day. :”D It’s going to be a busy saturday.

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