Down to the wire, need help!

I’m frantically trying to finish this, had a friend try run it and libtcod via python is not working.

The error code:

You can also check out the project:


If you know what’s up, please respond in the comments.




4 thoughts on “Down to the wire, need help!”

  1. I think I had a problem with that a while ago in another Libtcod project. It was related to me using the 64-bit version of Python or something with a 32-bit extension or the other way around.

    Check to see if everything is the same X-bit. 🙂

  2. If it isn’t a 32/64 bit issue, make sure you are distributing the libtcod .dlls. Copy all the libtcod dlls into the same location as your .exe.

    Also, check the executable bit to ensure it is set. I’ve had weird errors from command line unzippers failing to preserve this bit, resulting in .dlls that won’t link.

    One good utility to debug with is depends,

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