Free-Like Finalities

So as you may well know, I finished Free-Like yesterday (Well, today) at midnight and thus am glad to say the game is officially done! Overall Time: March 5th 12:00AM – March 12th 12:00AM. I worked for 60/168 hours of 7DRL, 30 less hours than I originally planned.

Since then I created a webpage for it at and took care of posting it to and updating the wiki at RogueBasin.

Overall, I did a pretty nice job for my first time in 7DRL. I have never tackled some of the challenges that are required to make one of these before, so it was nice to finally be able to think code through in a very limited amount of time. I loved this challenge and will definitely be doing it again next year!


The game requires you to defeat Tropicass, a dictator across the land who does not play games when it comes to battles. You must find him and destroy him in order to end his reign of chaos throughout the country.

You start out with nothing, but soon find yourself defeating basic Fire Heads and collecting various items and equipment! This game has lots to explore and decipher, while at the same time very simple at its core.

The controls are as follows:

A is used for climbing up/down ladders and making selections in the menus.
B is used for picking up items off the ground along with returning to a previous screen in the menus.
Start is used for pulling up the inventory/cast skill menus. You can equip and use items in the inventory and cast skills in the cast skill menu. You can press Start again to leave the menu at any given time.

While I will not reveal to much about gameplay elements, as that is for you to figure out, here are two I will mention:
-Skills have to be researched through experience and other means in order to identify them in the first place. While you may feel the effects of skills, you may not necessarily sense them or have visible sight of them until you master that element.
-You have 6 various equipment slots. Head, Arms, Body, Weapon, Ring, and Feet are all the different equipment types. You may use one of each type of armor to create a cumulative Defense with them.


-Large “Free-Like” Dungeons to explore.
-Various Items to find and learn about.
-Equipment Combinations, find the best combination!
-Skills that you must first learn in order to sense them and utilize them.
-Enemies from the easily skirmished to the godly untouchable beasts.
-Simple Gameplay.


If I had more time, this is what I would have added.

-Saving/Loading feature. Right now, emulators have to save state, and DS users can only sleep their DS and resume later. No current way to save and load appropriately.
-More Detailed explanations, more descriptions, more bestiary of course. Expanding the game is always a wish.
-Gods. I never ended up adding spirits that affected the game over time, would have been nice.
-Music. Pretty quiet this game here…
-Better management of gameplay elements. (In other words, cleaner programming.)

Overall, for the time I had, and for doing 7DRL for the very first time, I think I did an awesome job!

You can go to and download the game to start playing!

Author: Joshua Sigona

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4 thoughts on “Free-Like Finalities”

  1. Just tried this on my ds. It seems that the text is cut off after 32 characters per line.

    Haven’t played it to much, just loaded it up but looks good so far.

  2. Yeah, I did not do any checking to make sure the text cutoff was made and indented appropriately as I did not have the time to add in any real string manipulation. I should have caught that when I first made the text system to keep all the strings in a separate list for parsing before using instead of just plugging in arguments for outputs.

    Besides, most of the time you know what is going on and if it were to not cut off every time it would just take up more space.

  3. I don’t know how to play homebrews on my DS, so I grabbed an emulator for this one. It booted up flawlessly. I grabbed a few items, equipped some gear, ran into a pack of hounds, and promptly died.

    The second time, I figured I’d be a bit more strategic and followed the advice of starting with fire heads. I lucked out and found a decent spear early on, and proceeded to kick ass through several levels. Free-Like is pretty deep for a roguelike. Sensing that I was just beginning to scratch the surface, I set up a savestate just to be safe.

    I’m running into some problems with savestates, but that’s either wine’s fault or the emulator’s fault. As soon as I get that ironed out, I’m going for a longer run on Free-Like to see if I can get to the end.

  4. Glad you are enjoying it so far!

    I did not take the time to make any real saving in this 7DRL, so it will have to be dealt with, emulator or DS unfortunately.

    As for homebrew on the DS, you will need to get some kind of homebrew cartridge. Examples can be found at That is one kind of homebrew cartridge, you can look at others on the left-hand sidebar. They require MicroSD cards to store the actual data on, usually meaning you need some way to transfer files to a microSD card, then place that card into the DS cartridge and load it up.

    It sounds like it could be a wine issue, I have been able to make it work by running Virtualbox and running a windows installation with a windows DS emulator inside that virtual Windows installation, so may end up trying that.

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