Free-Like: The End

After intensive work tonight, the game is finally complete! Though a little sketchy and rough in some areas, the roguelike is sure to entertain the people that want an easy to get into game and still have fun.

The game is mostly based on luck and how you want to develop your character. Though the game may look easy at first, do not be fooled by the difficulty as it increases exponentially!

I will not explain much more, here are three screenshots from the game itself! What a great week this has been for my first time participating in 7DRL! I definitely learned a lot from it and will hopefully do better in the future!

I developed this roguelike with the devkitARM toolchain using PALib for functionality. The game can be run on any kind of DS emulator including the following:

Desmume (Windows + Mac):



The game can be found here for now:

And finally, the source code can found here for now:

I am in a rush due to lack of sleep, but I will now rest well and will make a website and post some more detailed info in google groups and such tomorrow. Thanks to all for the feedback as I developed it, it was a fun first year of 7DRL and I hope to do it again next year with something even better!

Author: Joshua Sigona

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