SRL is Finished!

Wow… that was the most intense 7 days development. I think I’ve done 4 all nighters? It might of been 3 , my brain is fried either way.. Anyway! It’s here, and its ready 🙂 It’s a Unity3D Webplayer game, so just go to this website and your away 🙂

I’ll leave most of the features as surprises for you to find out but have fun!

Author: quickfingers

Game developer from the UK. Recently turned full time indie after spending years working for the man!

6 thoughts on “SRL is Finished!”

  1. Nice job! Very good at bringing the strategic elements of a roguelike into a realtime/adventure format. But when I finally died, on floor seven, there was no “Game Over”: it just stayed camera on corpse as aliens prowled around. When I tried navigating away, Firefox crashed. And when I checked the Kongregate scoreboard, it reported my highest floor as 6. Maybe look into that?

    But overall, very polished, very nice. Congratulations!

  2. Hey Wes 🙂 thanks, if you are downloading in vm i’d recommend getting the standalone build, generally better performance than web player and is available on my newer post :

    As for linux web player : Well don’t worry… linux standalones are coming soon as intellisense handily points out in the current API 🙂 :

    (this has been confirmed by a unity rep to be in the works)

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