Success: Wordrogue

I am please to announce my entry for 7DRL 2011!

This is my first entry for the Seven-Day Roguelike Challenge.

= The Story =

The Evil Spellmaster cast an arcane spell that transformed the literary world into his evil minions, your homeland Lexicon is in trouble! You are Wordrogue, an erudite lover of Lexicon, called upon to rid the Library of Knowledge from these foul, illiterate critters!

You must clear each level of the Library of Knowledge, before ascending to the next, until you reach the very Apex of Knowledge.

= The Idea =

This is a lunchtime roguelike, there are only 20 levels. Being a quick play, inventory works a little different than the standard RL, but I will let you discover that yourself!

= Features =
– player inventory
– melee combat
– player levels up / xp, monsters get tougher accordingly
– batteries included (rechargeable of course)

= Lacks =
– balancing! this is a time consuming part, as such, I added some special trick and items to make it more playable 🙂

= Notes =

Written in Python 2.6 with libtcod. The zip contains both Linux and Windows libraries. You will need run run through Python (see readme), unfortunately I don’t know how to use py2exe (yet).

Enough said, on with the game!

Get the game source at

– Wesley

Author: kbmonkey

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