(Codename) DirtBox Pre-Alpha (Day 7)

wearing the admin helm of +10 light radius

(no free phials of galadriel in my game)

Well, I didn’t finish – but I never expected to. I took this contest as the motivation to finally get off my ass and learn C++. I’m making the game my kid self always wanted to play, with some inspiration from more recent inventions such as Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress… even some WoW.  I entered day 1 not knowing any C++, with only my past coding experience in QB, VB6, and AS3 to guide me.

I conclude day 7 of my coding blitz having implemented:

  • Map file loading/saving
  • Colored, fading log (writes to file)
  • SDL tile engine
  • Luminance maps with (libtcod) FOV clipping (I spent most of today trying to code my own FOV and learning how they work)
  • Digging / Building
  • Door opening/closing
  • Debug mode


There’s plenty more I want to do, but I got far more done and learned than I ever imagined I would in this time frame. I will definitely be back next year with an idea more fitting for a quickie roguelike, and far better prepared. Keep an eye out on RogueBasin if DirtBox intrigues you, because I will eventually be releasing an alpha. Think Angband-y, with Minecraft-simple construction, WoW-style handmade special dungeons, Dwarf-fortress-y home-making, and an interface that is intuitive and easy to play. One use key. One build key. Situational hotbars. Mouse controlled menus.

This has been a blast – see you next time, 7DRL

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