Fobbah’s 7DRL Success – Magicko

Hey all, the last few days have been hectic, but the 2011 7DRL was a blast as always. I have my submission – Magicko – done just in time. It was right down to the wire this year, but through a vigourous donation of blood, sweat and beer – I finally persevered πŸ™‚

MagickoRL has gameplay mechanics inspired by the recent game Magicka – There is no levelling system, and spells are constructed by making combinations of the 10 elements available to the player. As there are no items/levelling, and healing is free, in order to succeed the player simply has to keep on his toes and make his way down the stairs. Easier said than done.

The goal is to head down to the bottom of the caves and kill Vlad, the friendly non-vampiric entity.


Download the 7DRL version of MagickoRL here.

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