GnomeSquad: 7DRL Success

No thanks to the hated DAYLIGHTS SAVING TIME, I have completed my 2011 7DRL entry: GnomeSquad!

GnomeSquad is a squad based dungeon diver roguelike with very tactical gameplay.

While it does not include ALL of the features that I realistically expected it to, it DOES include more than I feared. I’ve spent the last few hours playtesting and balancing it a bit and it was actually fun. (Which is a good sign I suspect?)

I will do a full post-mortem later. For now I have many OTHER 7DRL successes that are begging to be played.

You can download the python source for GNOMESQUAD (and get links to  python/pygame) on my website.




Save the King!
Build new friends!

5 thoughts on “GnomeSquad: 7DRL Success”

  1. The rules clearly state it is 168 hours. Thus the dst change doesn’t cost you an hour!

    Another way to look at it is the qualification that the start and end time zones are to match. Dst is changing time zones.

    Congrats on your success!

  2. Yes, here’s how I’m calculating my time:

    vsync=# select (timestamp with time zone ‘2011-03-06 23:59:59 EST’ + interval ‘168 hours’) at time zone ‘EDT’;
    2011-03-14 00:59:59
    (1 row)

    And I’m going to need every second of it!

  3. Thanks for the clarification Jeff… if I had read the rules a bit more closely I would’ve saved myself an hour of sleep this morning!

    At any rate, I am not 100% sure when I started other than “sometime on last Sunday before now”. Good enough for me. 🙂

    Interested to know if anyone gets it running on a non-windows machine. Last year at least one person had trouble with AarrrRL on a Mac.

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