Pitman – last day, and finished!

So. We started 11:00am Sunday (March 6th), and now it’s 11:00am Sunday (March 12th). This means success! (More or less.)
“Pitman Krumb” is the name of the hero you play. He searches for mighty artifacts! The game is won when you find them – if they even exist!

– 3D!
– Several items: Weapons, Armoury, Magical Scrolls, Runes, Torches, Food
– Twelve nicely crafted creature types
– Decoration objects, like rocks, mushrooms, etc. + and usable objects like chests, vases, ladders
– Three different dungeon themes
– You build the dungeon while you play!
– Music from Kevin MacLeod.

Balancing is very bad, due to time pressure. This means the further you get, the easier it will be (if you find enough food).

Play it online!

Standalone for Windows is here. Standalone for Mac there.

Soon we will make a video for all you Linux-Users!

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