Rook: 7DRL Success!

It was a close call — I’m writing this post a minute after my deadline, and items went in about an hour ago.  The checkmate gimmick works and is a lot of fun.  I hope to flesh it out more in the coming weeks, but for now it’s playable and there’s a victory condition.  What more can you ask?  Head to the right, find the king (the K) and kill him.  Easy enough.  Press Q to quit.

As long as you’re wearing the orb of the Turk, you can’t die a stupid death — every move you can make has to kill you.  If you take it off, you’re playing a traditional roguelike.  The ring of vulnerability will save you from losing any hitpoints, because every hit you take will kill you, which is forbidden by the orb.  Along the way you’ll find potions of healing and scrolls of teleport, opium sots, drunkards, hounds, and the royal couple themselves, out for a stroll in the woods.  Apparently they’re bad guys.  Probably tyrants, or something.  Kill them.

rook in action
Fighting my way to failure

Download rook.tar.gz.  It includes a linux 32-bit executable and everything you need to build your own 32-bit executable for linux.  For Windows, get  For the bugfix version or the post-7DRL version, see the Rook Post-7drl Release.

7 thoughts on “Rook: 7DRL Success!”

  1. I have to say that this roguelike looks really, really nice.

    A couple of things:

    • My terminal opens with dimensions 80×24 by default. I didn’t realise there was a missing row until I wondered why the map didn’t have a border at the bottom. So I think it would be good to either (1) check whether the screen is at least 80×25 at the start of the game, and exit with an error if this condition is not met, or (2) make the game use an 80×24-sized screen by default.
    • Shouldn’t it be a ring of invulnerability?
    • It took me a while to figure out that I had to press “a” and then “b” to remove the ring.


  2. You can blame my last minute push to finish for both the lack of an “apply what?” message and the failure to accommodate a smaller terminal, which my game is prepared to do with ease. Chopping off the top border and pushing the message queue up by one would have been trivial. I’ll address both of these in my next release.

    The ring, however, is indeed a ring of vulnerability. If you take off the orb (which will be a turban in said release), you will find that any enemy that strikes you will kill you. It’s the interaction between this unusual ring and the orb that makes it a powerful boon rather than a bane. I want to explore more items that work in similarly counter-intuitive ways. The ring is useful against every enemy except the opium sots (‘s’).

    Thanks for taking the time to play, and for the comments. I’ve been trying to play and review as many of these as I can, and it sure takes a fair share of effort! We should ask people whether they would consent to bundling their games into a compilation release.

  3. The orb/vulnerability combo is a pretty cool idea! It wouldn’t be out of place as a “this is how you should move” tutorial in a newbie-friendly roguelike.

    I noticed a few times I wasn’t able to actually make a move it said I should be able to–taking off the ring of vulnerability or using a scroll of teleport when backed into a corner by one of those evil opium sots, specifically. Speaking of which, in a few plays I didn’t seem to find a way to take a swipe at them. Are they supposed to just be avoided?

  4. In all likelihood, Kektain, you were bit by the lack of the “apply what?” prompt. If it said that ‘c’ was acceptable, for instance, you should have entered ‘ac’ to use it. I haven’t seen any other bugs that would keep it from letting you use something it claims is fine; the move has already been made, and your input is only used to decide which futures to throw away!

    The sots can be killed pretty easily if you take off the ring, but because they track you pretty badly (unlike the hounds, say) they’ll get stuck behind trees or walls. A sot will only deal 1hp damage per hit, and will die in three hits, which ‘x’ would tell you if I had had time to put it in.

    Glad you’re enjoying it!

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